Manufacturers of Cantrell, Bauer and Manley Equipment

A.C. Horn & Co. is a manufacturing company, located in Dallas Texas. Founded in 1907,  A.C. Horn & Co. has grown into a global leader in precision manufacturing. We serve customers in multiple industries on an international basis with equipment running in 120+ countries around the world. 
We specialize in food processing equipment, manufacturing Cantrell, Bauer and Manley equipment. Whatever your food processing needs, A. C. Horn & Co. has a solution to meet and exceed your production requirements. Whether it’s grinding nuts into butter, or corn into masa; blanching whole nuts or split nuts; continuous roasting or batch roasting; popping corn and/or coating corn; we have the equipment and the expertise to ensure a quality product for your customers.
We also do a variety of specialty work. We can meet your company's custom needs with our job-shop manufacturing. We will work with you to produce the best design possible through the help of our engineering department. With sheet metal, there is no job too big for us!

A.C. Horn & Company was founded in 1907 by A.C. "Butch" Horn and has been continuously owned by the Horn family for over three generations. Our company has evolved and progressed for over a century to meet our customer's needs.